Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Bankroll management and Freeroll Tourny's

Hello fellow Poker enthusiasts,

       Day two on blogging my bankroll from my +PokerStars account, I'm midway through a couple of freerolls right now, but I have already played in two today. I was doing well in one, until I was all-in with pocket 10's (I had less than 15 BB). I was called by the table chip leader whom had a pair of pocket 7's. The flop drew a seven and my stronger pockets were beat out by a three-of-a-kind. Well, what can you do.

       I was waiting for the next freeroll to start up when I decides to join the cash tables with a small portion of my already small bankroll. I bought into the $0.01/$0.02 tables with a mere $1.00. I played about 2 blind rounds until I hit AQs. I played it strong re-raising a raise when the ace hit the flop. I pushed in half my stack where I was re-raised by the pre-checker. I called, he shows AK off. My first dollar gone, not a great start I think to myself. I jump back into another table where I played with $2.00 and played for about 45Min until I was up after aggressive/ loose style. not too many people called my bets. Now, I know I went against bankroll management by playing with $2.00 but I will do my best to stick to the plan from now on.

       Finished the day off without placing decent in any freerolls today and didn't earn any extra's.

 Current bankroll : $5.91 (+0.72)

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